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25 Best Aztec Tattoos Designs

The meanings and designs of Aztec tattoos are a very complex concept and that is why if you are considering getting one, then you should read this article to get the information you want. Not many people may know this, but there is a difference between Spanish, Mexican and Aztec art and this aspect will also affect the tattoo designs. Before the invitation by the Spanish, the Aztecs had worked on a written language system, which included a calendar and numbers. Sadly, the meaning of all the elements of the calendar are not that obvious. Click To Read More

35 Best Stomach Tattoos Ideas

Most people have reasons why they have a tattoo on specific parts of their bodies, others take advice from tattoo artist where it is best to be. For some people who are not ready to show off their inks yet, they choose to hide them, and what better place to hide than your stomach! I say better because stomach tattoos are less painful compared to the rest of the parts of your body. We have collected 35 Best Stomach Tattoos Ideas for your inspiration. Click To Read More