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25 Best Aztec Tattoos Designs

The meanings and designs of Aztec tattoos are a very complex concept and that is why if you are considering getting one, then you should read this article to get the information you want. Not many people may know this, but there is a difference between Spanish, Mexican and Aztec art and this aspect will also affect the tattoo designs. Before the invitation by the Spanish, the Aztecs had worked on a written language system, which included a calendar and numbers. Sadly, the meaning of all the elements of the calendar are not that obvious. Click To Read More

25 Amazing Family Tattoo Ideas

Someone has said that the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing. Well, nothing could be nearer to the truth than this statement. The family, besides being the primary unit of society, is also the first school where all of us learn the basic lessons of life. It is like an anchor that keeps us grounded and also gives us strength. This is why all of us value our family so much. We are always grateful to God for blessing us with lovely parents, siblings and relatives. Click To Read More

20 Awesome Face Tattoo Designs

If you are thinking about a tattoo on your face, then you have to think long and hard about this decision before you get it done. We are talking about your face, the part that is most seen! A tattoo on your face will make it a point of attraction and people will look at it. It could also mean that getting a job in some conservative organizations will no longer be open to you. What is more since your face essentially defines the way you look; you need to ensure that the body art design you get done on your face needs to be really good. To ensure that you need a tattoo artist who is excellent at his work and be willing to do it. Click To Read More

25 Cool Spine Tattoos For Men And Women

Tattoos come in different sizes. Some people go for small ones on the hand while some prefer large ones such as spine tattoos. Others also go for nice diamond tattoos or the cool white ink tattoos. It’s really up to the person on what his/her preference is. However, our focus right now is now is on spine tattoos. There are many cool tattoo designs out there. So to help you in choosing what design will suit you, we introduce to you our own version of 25 cool spine tattoos for men and women that we have compiled just for you. Click To Read More