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Milan Street Fashion Week Spring 2015

Milan Fashion week may have come to an end, but the style inspiration is just beginning. We’ve pinned, printed, and saved our favorite looks to inspire our outfits all year long. And though Milano was the third city on our Fashion Month tour, the street style may be the best for re-creating at home. On the cobbled streets, we spotted bright colors, fun prints, and crazy outfit coordination — all with a flair that’s unique to this Italian fashion mecca. Click To Read More

25 Street Fashion Around The World

25 Street Fashion Around The World at Feed Inspiration. Street fashion is fashion that you see on the street. Simple enough right? It is very different from what you might find on fashion magazines and talk shows. It is not about the most expensive line of jewellery or the most outrageous costumes. It is not what you are supposed to wear on the red carpet. Street fashion is about real people in the real world who do things they like.You can know a lot about a culture and its people by looking at the street fashion of the city. This type of fashion is influenced by a number of factors. Even within a culture, there are many sub-cultures. Click To Read More