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20 Best Modest Wedding Dresses

Look beautiful and modest on your wedding day is one of the dreams for every lovely lady. They have been dreaming of having this kind of moment since they were kids. This could be one of your dreams as well. They used to play houses with their brothers playing husband and wife and ask about how to be a good wife to their mother. They like to plan their beautiful wedding and picturing themselves in the modest wedding dresses on their very wedding day. You must be one of these kinds of lady. Click To Read More

Lazaro Wedding Dresses Collection

The Lazaro collection is a creation of opulence with romanticism, and celebrates the strength and sensuality of brides in love. Luxurious encrusted beading, sensual shades of pastel color and fly by the night filmy fabrics, Lazaro brings a flirtatious femininity to his work. His spirited creations of peek-a-boo fine laces, shimmering jeweled cut stones, and a lavish mix of sensual silhouettes are truly beguiling. Lazaro captures modern romance with a whimsical fantasy driven collection that celebrates couture wedding fashion. Click To Read More

20 Beautiful Princess Wedding Dresses

Talking about wedding is cannot be separated with the thing called wedding dresses and many other preparations that include. The wedding dresses sometimes become an icon on the wedding itself, that is why it is considered important. If you are confused to choose one of the wedding dresses kind, you might find the princess wedding dresses become the right option for you. This kind of wedding dress is amazing because of its look that seems like a princess, you will become so perfect in your own wedding. But, there are many considerations in choosing this kind of wedding dress. Click To Read More

20 Best Lace Dress Designs

If you want to achieve that dainty and feminine yet sexy look, there is no other way to do it than by wearing a lace dress. This type of material has been a mainstay in the fashion trends coming in different forms and combined with different material. Lace has gone through many transformations but the current trend is to go for the antique-style lace. You may go for lace that has a wider net and has a more unique pattern and a sturdier fabric. Click To Read More

25 Bodycon Dresses To Make You Body Conscious

The bodycon trend has been around for a few seasons now, and the trend is still appearing on the catwalks and on the high street. Bodycon, which is short for body conscious, is a tight-fitting, figure-hugging garment that clings to your curves. The bodycon trend exudes confidence and power – and everyone loves a woman who is happy in her own skin! The trend is a refreshing change as we often see woman trying to hide their figures, this trend allows women of all shapes and sizes to embrace their bodies! Click To Read More

25 Beautiful Reception Dresses For Women

When the bride reappears, the festivities begin in earnest. This is when the band or the DJ starts playing the dance numbers. Free from the weight and heat of her wedding dress, the bride can boogie down, trip the light fantastic, and dance all night! The typical reception dress is lightweight, has a high hemline, and is made from breathable natural materials like cotton and silk. Click To Read More