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25 Amazing Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decorations help to create a festive atmosphere and greet your guests. All these amazing decorations make you think that it’s holiday everywhere, behind every door, and raise your spirits. There is a plenty of ideas for you: porch décor, wreaths, lanterns and lights. Choose the most interesting and unusual: an ice wreath with berries and pine cones, bowls with Christmas ornaments, ice candle holders, a variety of beautiful lights in the shape of a snowman, a snow ball or else. Icicle lights hanging from the roof look amazing. Add some skates to show your favorite winter pastime and don’t forget of the traditional Christmas color scheme: red and green, that always works! Click To Read More

20 Best Vintage Christmas Decorations Ideas

A very nice way to marry vintage Christmas decorations into the home is to align them into displays and themes. Placed sparingly they could be missed and go unnoticed amongst all the other glitter and noise. It’s more powerful to have a concentrated display such as a Christmas tree adorned in vintage decorations or a table devoted to them along with memories of the past such as photographs or old family items of emotional value. Click To Read More