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Milan Street Fashion Week Spring 2015

Milan Fashion week may have come to an end, but the style inspiration is just beginning. We’ve pinned, printed, and saved our favorite looks to inspire our outfits all year long. And though Milano was the third city on our Fashion Month tour, the street style may be the best for re-creating at home. On the cobbled streets, we spotted bright colors, fun prints, and crazy outfit coordination — all with a flair that’s unique to this Italian fashion mecca. Click To Read More

30 Semi Formal Dresses For Women

Your wardrobe must consist of variety of clothes for different occasions and semi formal dresses should be an inevitable part. So many occasions ask for such dresses, say, weddings, date nights, holiday parties, dinner parties, award ceremonies, fundraisers and so on and so forth. You need to have a good grasp of the dress code first as the different levels of formality like formal, white-tie, semi formal and business casual are really confusing.As it is, semi formal wear is more conservative and more formal than cocktail wear. You need to consider the dress length. Usually a semi-formal dress goes longer than knee length; otherwise it will look less formal or unnecessarily sexier.
A semi-formal occasion always requires lighter, thinner and movable fabric. A heavy dress is not the one. You can choose from silk, velvet, taffeta, chiffon, crepe, satin and cashmere. A dress of wool, cotton, denim, rayon or leather is not a wise choice in this case. Wearing diverse styles of semi-formal dresses helps to bring out your unique personality and taste. Click To Read More

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015

New York Fashion Week is the highlight of all American fashion designers’ lives. It happens twice a year and fills their weeks with joy, excitement, and nervousness all at the same time. For the attending fashionistas, it fills their minds with daydreaming and envy as they watch the models walking down the runway donning the garb they hope to wear in the upcoming seasons. Thus far, many designers have landed hits and several trends have been spotted. Some of which were expected while some have been somewhat surprising. Here are the top trends from the week! Click To Read More

25 Street Fashion Around The World

25 Street Fashion Around The World at Feed Inspiration. Street fashion is fashion that you see on the street. Simple enough right? It is very different from what you might find on fashion magazines and talk shows. It is not about the most expensive line of jewellery or the most outrageous costumes. It is not what you are supposed to wear on the red carpet. Street fashion is about real people in the real world who do things they like.You can know a lot about a culture and its people by looking at the street fashion of the city. This type of fashion is influenced by a number of factors. Even within a culture, there are many sub-cultures. Click To Read More

25 Cocktail Dresses For Women

25 Cocktail Dresses For Women at Feed Inspiration. For a party or mutual gathering, a cocktail dress is a must, irrespective of the weather, if its cold weather or some other problem has cropped in. Women get confused between the dress and the evening cocktail dress, let us first distinguish the two and clarify this confusion. A cocktail dress is basically meant to be worn to social formal events, such as receptions, office meetings, or social gatherings. Typically, the dresses should not have collars and they come with or without sleeves. Click To Read More

Fashion Show Spring Summer 2015

Fashion Show Spring Summer 2015 at feed inspiration. As the last hints of suntan at long last vanish totally and the wooly gloves descend from the upper room, its difficult to recollect the energetic hopefulness and foresight of spring. Be that as it may for those of us that like to stay one stage in front of the style amusement, this is the ideal opportunity to begin making arrangements for Spring Summer 2015. The season’s patterns are situated to be about frill and brilliant bling so perused on to figure out what will be hot when the temperatures begin climbing once more. Click To Read More

25 Plus Size Womens Clothing For Summer

25 Plus Size Womens Clothing For Summer at feed inspiration. Are you feeling the heat yet? Summer is pretty much with us, so now is the perfect time to get in the know about the latest trends in plus size fashion for the upcoming season.Most stores have already launched their Spring and Summer collections and are adding new items to their shops, both online and in stores around malls. So now is the perfect time to update yourself about the latest trends to update your closet in time for the Summer months. Click To Read More