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5 Autumn ‘16 Jewellery Trends

The summer months were enjoyable and bright, but sadly the time for bringing out the flowery dress and bo-ho sandals (at least until next year!). But of course, there’s jewellery you can wear along with your winter garments. Here’s the 5 biggest trends to know this winter.

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The Most Popular Engagement Rings Right Now!

Certain engagement rings come in and out of fashion all the time. Yes, there are timeless classics, like a solitaire or princess cut ring, that will never go out of style, but with new stones, cuts and bands emerging all the time, there’s an endless amount of styles to choose from.
Let’s face it, you can never undervalue the importance of selecting the perfect engagement ring for your future spouse. It’s without a doubt the most important piece of jewellery you’ll ever buy or own! So whether you’re a groom that’s browsing, or a hoping bride that wants to drop a few hints to their future hubby, here are the top trends at the moment.

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Top Tips on What to Wear On Festival Day – For Him!

With the festival season still hugely under way, there is a massive need to consider what to wear for such an occasion! Whether you are someone who likes to experiment with boundaries of clothing, or you simply want to have the ultimate comfort for such a crammed weekend, you’ll need to consider what to wear. So we’ve come up with a festival outfit just for you!

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