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25 Gel Nails Art Designs For a Complete Unique Look

Getting Gel Nails is the perfect way to dress up your hands. Whether you work with your hands each day where everyone can see them, have a special occasion coming up, or you just want to pamper yourself. Your hands are an extension of yourself and your style and for many women it is necessary to make sure that their nails are in top condition. You will want to explore the options that gel nails can give you before you make any decisions or head to the salon for your appointment. Click To Read More

25 Amazing Acrylic Nails Art Designs

Fashion is a girl’s thing. She can never compromise on the way she looks. For this very purpose, a girl’s wardrobe is always embellished with fancy clothing, a lot of jewelry, pretty shoes, colorful makeups and nail colors. Well I myself can’t even count on my closet’s stuff, they are innumerable and for sure your closet is also presenting the same scene. Click To Read More

African Art Galleries

African art culture consists of different art forms created by various tribes. This African tribal art is regarded as one of the finest creations in the world of art. Africans use art for cross-cultural dialogues, personal therapies and in order to communicate with gods and ancestors. Hence, art is an integral part of the daily African life. The main material used for most African art forms was wood, which was decorated with clay, shells, beads, ivory, metal and feathers. Masks and figures have also been the most important types of art forms that were used in religious ceremonies. The tremendous collection of all these African art forms and their replicas can be found in different African art galleries all over the world. Click To Read More

25 Best Tattoo Art Gallery

Looking for a quality tattoo art gallery is getting to be harder than trying to bath a cat while your hands are tied behind your back. Well, at leasts that’s how difficult it seems to any person who has taken some time to search the web for half decent artwork. I have seen so many people run into the same generic junk all the time. This doesn’t need to happen any more and I will show you how to bypass almost every generic tattoo art gallery, while finding the truly great ones. Click To Read More

Cute Flower Nail Art Designs

Flower nail art is definitely something you need should master. Flowers are a timeless choice and you can create the in such a range of fun colors. Nail art is trending in a huge way right now so jumping on the bandwagon is fun thing to do. Fortunately, nail art doesn’t have to be hard. You can find patterns and designs that range in skill levels so you can get the look you crave with ease. Here are some inspiring examples you’ll have to see to believe. Click To Read More

25 Beautiful Paintings Of Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha has the head of an elephant and body of a human, and according to his stories, he was very mischievous in his childhood. Thus every kid likes him because they can connect with his image very well. There is no end to Ganesha’s devotees in India. His popularity can be viewed on Ganesh Chaturthi, a festival when he is believed to come down to Earth and listen to the prayers of his devotees and grant them their wishes. In the ten day festival all his devotees dress up in new clothes and take part in “pujas” and pray to Ganesha for his blessings. Click To Read More

35 Awesome Black & White Nail Art Ideas

While the world might have turned colorful their is something about black and white combination that just doesn’t get out of mind easily. How the fashion world could be away from the magical aura of black and white. At first their was combination of black and white dresses. Then came the black and white shoes and even goggles trend. But the one that lasted for a long time was the black and white nail art design. Yes black and white nail art design is one of the most popular design for girls. In fact many call it as the tattoo art of nails because black color gives the tribal tattoo design look to nails. Be it the checkers black and white design or be it the black and white lines nail art design, they look so naturally beautiful on hands. You can even go with the Zebra print nail art design. Or You can make a stylish design on nails in black and white color. Their are so many options. Click To Read More